Items For Sale

Old Henry

This piece has a lot of history! “Old Henry” started this long journey around a century ago (sometime between 1917 and 1927) as a gear driven screw jack for a Model TT Ford Truck (The TT was the heavy duty version of a regular Model T Ford Truck) As the years passed by, decade after decade, mile after mile, the old truck finally gave out and was left to rust away. Most of the old truck was hauled away for scrap many years ago but “Old Henry” (long forgotten) managed to survive.

Iron Butterfly

Found at an estate sale, this cast iron butterfly was displayed in one of the flower gardens located on the property. The light fixture conversion consists of a single vintage style LED bulb encased within the cast iron housing. Twisted brown cloth covered wire, with an Art Deco style plug, was chosen to compliment the warm tone of the cast iron. This piece would make the perfect accent light for a desk or shelf.

Mica Shade Desk Lamp

This lamp was handcrafted entirely from raw materials. The base/body design of the lamp consists of 8 steel columns; the four corners of the lamp body are accented with inlaid oak strips. Housed in the center of the lamp is a copper column that runs vertically to the light socket.