Old Henry Lamp

This piece has a lot of history! “Old Henry” started this long journey around a century ago (sometime between 1917 and 1927) as a gear driven screw jack for a Model TT Ford Truck (The TT was the heavy duty version of a regular Model T Ford Truck) As the years passed by, decade after decade, mile after mile, the old truck finally gave out and was left to rust away. Most of the old truck was hauled away for scrap many years ago but “Old Henry” (long forgotten) managed to survive. Discovered in an old barn in Arkansas, half buried, “Old Henry” was rescued and brought to Mississippi.

The Old Henry Lamp is available for sale. If you are interested, contact us today.

A little history of the parts of “Old Henry”

The lamp base is crafted from reclaimed yellow pine from the Tupelo Cotton Compress. The Compress was built around 1886. The black stains you see on the wood are from the original tar that was applied to the planks during the roofing process. The base is wrapped with hand hammered copper strips and secured with copper nails.

The pull chain pendant is from an actual Ford Model TT. This authentic antique key was acquired from a gentleman out of South Carolina. Based on my research of the markings on the key; it was manufactured between December 19th 1919 & January 16th 1920.

Originally, the jack had a basic flat metal handle that doubled as a lug wrench which was lost years ago. I handcrafted this handle out of 100 plus year old cypress wood that originally came out of Southern Louisiana.

The shade was hand crafted from steel flat-stock, hand rolled to form the top and bottom rings. The perforated mild steel sheet metal was also hand rolled & secured with period correct copper and brass rivets. The shade is retained by a brass thumb ball and copper cone washer. The perforated sheet metal shade projects a unique light pattern when placed close to a wall. It also allows the vintage style bulb filament to be seen along with the copper guide tube for the pull chain. Keeping with the theme; a black and brown hounds-tooth pattern cloth covered wire was used along with a brown Art Deco style polarized electrical plug.

Old Henry Gallery